Ian Magee

Managing Partner, Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Ian is responsible for leading financial operations and strategic analyses, while building and enhancing processes and infrastructure, that will help New Profit to achieve its vision.

Ian is excited by this work because of his belief in New Profit’s vision of a world were everyone reaches their greatest potential, and of breaking down the systemic barriers to this. Ian is also excited to be working with a group of such passionate, intelligent, and entrepreneurial people. Ian grew up in Northern Ireland during a time when society was very divided, it felt like there were few opportunities for people to reach their full potential. Ian also has a great passion for science and exploration, and for humanity to reach its greatest potential in the universe, and he believes the first step to this is fixing the systemic problems we have closer to home, to reduce inequality, and increase fairness and social justice, so everyone has a fair shot at doing something amazing with their lives.

Most recently Ian led finance and operations at the Heron Foundation. Heron’s mission is to help people and communities to help themselves out of poverty, and it goes about its mission by investing in enterprises that it believes will have the greatest positive impact on the communities it seeks to help. Ian’s role was to help design and build the operating model and platform, and oversee the day to day running of the organization. Before this he led financial strategy and institutional research at the University of Chicago, where he built and implementing strategic planning models and processes to help the university navigate its way out of the financial crisis, and achieve it’s programmatic goals. Before that he spent around eight years at American Express in various finance, business development, and strategic planning roles. Before that, and right after college, Ian was a strategy consultant based in London.

Ian lives in Brooklyn NY with his cat Betty. He works from home around half of the week, and travels up to Boston for the other half. Ian loves to bike around NYC when he can, and he loves to travel, whether it is internationally and catching up with old friends that are scattered around the world now, or just exploring closer to home.